As discussed before, having an effective visualization routine is a great way to prepare for competition. It helps give athletes confidence by creating mental images of them performing at the highest levels and by preparing them for what is to come.

Victoria Yother, an incoming freshman at Wilkes University, has utilized a visualization routine throughout the duration of her softball career. Her routine is below in italics:

“I normally start my visualization routine while walking from whatever class I’m in towards to locker room. As I walk I imagine the following:

As you walk up to the box, feel the bat in your hands. Rotate the weight from your left and right hand. Hear the crunch of the dirt under your cleats. Deep breath. Exhale. Look down at your third base coach. You get the sign, hit away. “ Alright, here you go V. Do a job kid.” 

You smile, and walk up to the plate. Relax. Look at the Louisville written in gold on your bat. The best player is the most relaxed player. Deep breath. As you exhale you line up with the plate. You're now set and ready to hit. Relax. The pitcher gets her pitch. She puts the ball in her glove and starts her whined up. Think yes adjust no. Load up and feel your muscles are relaxed. Trust in your ability and training. 

The pitch is hip high and just a little outside. Find the seems. Feel your arms throwing the barrel right up the middle. CLINK. Extension. It’s a gapper between center and right field. Drop the bat and run like hell. 

The more realistic you make the imagery the better the effect on your hitting.”

Feel free to reach out and share your pre/mid-game routines on the diamond. If you have trouble focusing or relaxing during competition, visualization is a great tool to experiment with.  

Best of luck this year Victoria! 


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